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Dr. Madelynn Vislocky, DC, AVCA

How H2 came to be

The Full Story

Every horse and human has a personal story, written while living their everyday lives. With each chapter of this story, the body and mind form, progress, peak, degrade and decline. Even the healthiest living specimen will experience skeletal and muscular breakdown in function and form, causing pain and discomfort.

I have established a unique practice, where I can treat both horse and rider, either together or in isolation, to address chronic and traumatic problems in a gentle, holistic and effective way. Using chiropractic care I assist the body in returning to its most comfortable, healthy and whole form with manual therapy, chiropractic manipulation and rehabilitation. I utilize and combine all these tools to create an individualized, whole body approach that is specific to each horse or human patient. 

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have experienced all the pleasures and trauma that both outdoor activities and routine exercise can bring to a body and mind. By assisting patients in their healing process, I show them evidence that their body has its own ability to regain balance and repair. As a chiropractor, I believe that it is important to both aid in decreasing pain and also to teach my patients about prevention and self-maintenance techniques so that they can stay well. 

Education & Background

I received my doctorate at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. I then continued my Animal Chiropractic education further as a postdoctoral scholar at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. I have benefited from an education in the use of chiropractic techniques to effectively treat and recognize injury or damage to the musculoskeletal systems of both the human and horse. Furthermore, I am an avid horsewoman and horse owner, who has enjoyed many years of partnership with my gelding, Cody.

Dr. Madelynn Vislocky, DC, AVCA


My Services

You and Your Horse Come First

Duo Approach

Human + Horse

My mission is to holistically locate and treat the root cause of pain while educating in prevention techniques for both horse and rider. Specializing in biomechanical parallels, I improve the dynamic between the duo for a successful partnership while also utilizing nutritional and physiologic knowledge. All of this combines to allow both the horse and human bodies to heal and balance themselves naturally.

What to Expect

Sample Visit

I perform barn calls so that your horse will remain as comfortable as possible and I can capture both horse and rider in their home environment. I start with a basic comparative assessment of body soreness and mechanical relationship flaws of both horse and humans. I then build a chiropractic plan with the ultimate goal of achieving the greatest comfort and harmony between both individuals.

What I Offer

Your Choice

You can choose between a horse session only, a human session only, or a duo session where I treat both horse and human. Each hour-long appointment includes a full exam, chiropractic treatment, and soft tissue and/or rehabilitation exercises if required.

Horse: $150

Human: $80

Duo Horse and Human: $225

One on one half day: $500

* Travel fee not included and based on mileage from office. 

* Please provide 24 hour notice for cancellation. Failure to do so, client will be charged 50% of service booked.


Word of Mouth

"Dr. Madelynn Vislocky came out and examined three horses at R & R New Options Equine. I found her to be very skilled and knowledgeable. Her quiet and gentle way with the horses put them at ease immediately and she explained to us everything that she was doing in a way that we could understand. I would recommend her chiropractic skills to anyone."

Leslie Roach


R & R New Options Equine

 "Dr. Vislocky has given excellent care to both my horses and myself.  She has great skills with the horses and takes her time to make sure that she's thorough and properly addresses the problem.  She also is great at following up to make sure that my horses are continuing to be comfortable."

Kat Barrett

Dr. Vislocky has provided Chiropractic care to several patients and clients of Columbia Equine Hospital. Clients are always pleased with her thorough and gentle approach. She is knowledgeable, accredited and communicates well to provide collaborative healthcare with veterinarians. 

Greg Schmid, DVM, Certified in Animal Chiropractic 

Dr. Vislocky was incredible with my sweet rescue pup. Penny had a rough go at it her first 2 years of life. Allie’s Haven Rescue got from a high kill shelter in South Texas. She was dumped at the shelter when she was pregnant and sadly contracted an infection in her uterus causing her to lose all of her babies after birth. After being pulled  from the shelter, she got emergency surgery and was placed in a foster home to recover. I flew down and adopted her about 4 weeks post-surgery, as you can imagine her poor little body had been through the wringer at that point. A few days after bringing Penny back to Oregon, Dr. Vislocky came to my house to meet Penny and do full body adjustment. She was extremely gentle, thorough, knowledgeable, and quick. Dr. Vislocky noticed that there was limited mobility in Penny’s lumbar and pelvis region. She was able to do a pain free adjustment and helped Penny regain mobility in that area. I think it’s fair to say that Dr. Vislocky is an animal whisperer, Penny was so comfortable with her that she actually ended falling asleep in her arms during part of the adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Vislocky and trust her work wholeheartedly. If you are on the fence about getting your animal adjusted, call her today. I promise it will be worth your time and your animal will thank you!

Natalie Hamachek

Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Thurs: 7am - 12:30pm
Tues and Fri: 1:30pm- 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Get in Touch

Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas


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